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Creating proofs

Creating a single proof

Creating a new proof is a two step process. The file is first submitted to ProofHQ and then you create the proof using the file identifiers.

Step 1
doUpload() submits the file to ProofHQ.

Step 2
createProof() creates the proof using the identifiers returned during step 1.

Creating multiple proofs

When creating multiple proofs for a user, it will be more effective starting a batch process. This will mirror the manner in which ProofHQ creates proofs when a user selects multiple files on the "New proof" page within the application or AIR uploader. Creating multiple proofs involves some additional steps for starting and finishing the batch.

Step 1

createBatch() starts the 'transaction' and returns the batch identifier that must be passed in during step 3 and 4

Step 2
doUpload() submits the file to ProofHQ

Step 3
createProof() submits the proof request using the file and batch identifiers returned during the previous steps. The proof will not be processed until finishBatch() has been called.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the files have been uploaded and proofs submitted.

Step 4
finishBatch() ends the batch 'transaction' and notifies ProofHQ to start processing all the proofs.

Creating new proof versions

See our help for more information on this topic.