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Since API Version: 18.1

 Parameter name  Description  Type  Example
 basecampActivated  Is proof integrated with Basecamp  boolean  true / false
 basecampVersion  0 - Classic Basecamp, 1 - Basecamp 2  int  1
 integrationType  0 - Message, 1 - Todo  int  0
 projectId  Basecamp project id  int  123
 messageCategoryId  Message category id from Basecamp  int  546
 isPrivate  If message/todo should be private in Basecamp  boolean  true / false
 defaultStagePosition  For Advanced Workflow proofs id of the stage where the recipient should be added  int  2
 defaultDueDate  Default Basecamp todo date as Unix timestamp (only date, hour is constant 12:00)  int  1516795200
 recipients  List of Basecamp recipients  array of SOAPFileBasecampRecipientObject