Integration: Method to select folder in ProofHQ

This method allows you to browse and select the folder structure within your ProofHQ account and must be used to create a folder monitor when integrating a 3rd party application with ProofHQ. A folder monitor is a way by which one can "link” a folder in a 3rd party application to a folder in the ProofHQ system so that any changes made within the folder monitor can be replicated within ProofHQ Note: replicating changes are performed by the integrating software and does not happen automatically

Method URL

https://[URL to ProoHQ]/integrations/selectFolder

Where "URL to ProofHQ" must be the domain you use to access ProofHQ, if you have a custom domain then this custom domain must be used


Method Type
This method can be called as either a GET / POST request

Request parameters
* denotes a required field




The code identifying your integration. This will be provided by ProofHQ prior to integration


 folder_id*  This is the id of the item in your system. We will  
  store this in ProofHQ to retain reference back to the   other system
 string 280755
 user_email* The email address that identifies the user in the    integrating system string
 redirect_to_url*  This is the fully qualified url the system will redirect to once a folder has been selected string
 default_folder_name   Name of the folder within the integration system  
  which  must be used when the user creates a new  
  folder in  ProofHQ
 string MyFolder

Response parameters
Once a user selects either the "Ok" or "Cancel" options we will redirect the page to the provided "redirect_to_url" and include a number of response parameters




Determines if the user selected a folder or cancelled the operation.

success - when a folder has been selected

cancel - when the cancel button was selected


 phq_folder_id The id of the folder within the ProofHQ system if    
 selected. This must be stored in the integration  system for any future calls to this folder
 string 280755
 folder_id The id of the folder within the integrating 3rd  
 party application. This will be the same as the  folder_id passed as part of the request parameters
 string 280756

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