Updates contact in your account.

Since version: 17.6

Request parameters
* denotes a required field

 Parameter name Description  Type  Example
 SessionID The session Id obtained from doLogin()  string  noA3ZjIxYWIyN2E3ZDIyYzQ4
 OldEmail Existing contact's email  string  contact@example.com
 NewEmailNew contact's email  string newcontact@example.com
 AccountIDId of the account where contact should be updated.  int 123
 FirstName Contact's first name  string  Con
 LastName Contact's last name  string  Tact
 Position Persons's Job title  string  Specialist
 Company Name of the company the person works for  string  Example
 DefaultProofRole Default proof role set when adding contact as recipient:
1: Read only
3: Reviewer
4: Approver
5: Reviewer and approver
 int  5
 DefaultEmailAlert Default email alert set when adding contact as recipient:
1: All new comments and replies
2: Replies to my comments
3: Daily summary
4: Hourly summary
5: Decisions only
9: Disabled
int 9
 Street  Name of the street  string  Example Avenue
 City  City  string  Lehi
 State  State  string  Utah
 Zipcode  Zip code  string  84043
 Country  Two letter country code  string  gb
 Telephone  Telephone  string  555-0100
 Mobile  Mobile  string  555-0100
 Fax  Fax  string  555-0100